Simply attachment for home vacuum cleaner. Cleans wet surfaces of your vinyl.  Helps remove residues after ultrasonic cleaning. High suction power  (adjustable on the vacuum cleaner). Very useful.

Price about 25 Euro + shipping cost

Some tips for users:
After wet cleaning (in mechanical or ultrasonic device) leave your vinyl for a while (15-20 sec) to drip.
Than place it  carefully on vaccum attachment, turn on your vacuum cleaner. Cause the narrow gap, suction power is quite high.
Adjust it to your home cleaner and make four turns clockwise. Carefully hold the edge of record.  Turn off your vacuum cleaner, turn record to the other side and repeat the operation. It is almost dry, but allow finally to dry for five minutes. After this time vinyl is ready to play.

Also available cleaning fluid:

Price about 11 euro + shipping cost


Cleaning fluid for ultrasonic record cleaner, concentrate for 5 liters of solution.
It need to
add up to 4 liters of demineralised water.
Very effective, a little stink 🙂