Welcome all vinyl lovers

We make three kinds of cleaners

Our basic ultrasonic record  cleaning device (BRC-01) is simply constructed, based on ready-made components available in DIY stores, and is designed for vinyl record lovers, who are not satisfied with mechanical cleaners such as “Knosti”. It is perfectly suited for the hobbyist, and is not intended for professional use.

Advanced cleaning device (ARC-02 ) is based on professional medical ultrasonic device and ready-made components. It is suited for the hobbyist, but can also  be used by professionals. The cleaner has an automatic drive and heating.

Vinyl records are very sensitive to contamination and mechanical damage, which causes unwanted noises and crackles during playing. Record condition deteriorates with improper storage and handling, leading to reduced listening quality. Mechanical damage (“scratches” and “scuffs”) is difficult to fix.
However, the most common cause of noise is dirt. Careful listening (preferably on headphones) reveals that interference from scratches is heard in mono and from dirt in stereo.



Ultrasonic cleaners are often used by professionals, including vinyl record retailers, to revitalize olderrecords because they cannot be effectively cleaned with mechanical cleaners. These devices are expensive ($3,000 to $4,000), and thus tend not to be used at home.

We offer you a simplified and effective device. It does not have a  fluid filtration, drying, and other expensive features. Instead, it has a simple design that is affordable for enthusiasts who appreciate that cleanliness is essential for good sounding music. The cleaner is an independent construction using low-cost components, based on years of experience in cleaning and revitalizing old and damaged vinyl records.